From Storms Clouds Come Angels
From Storms Clouds Come Angels
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The time is now, the place is here; that is all that ever will be. Honest and profound, there are those ideas in life that rest deep within us all, forever waiting to be discovered, forever asking why. Insightful and reflective, the words speak of the mind, body, love, loss, passion, deceit, and the pursuit to better understand ourselves and our changing role in an ever-evolving universe.

From Storm Clouds Come Angels confronts the ideas that we often wish not to confront but rarely can avoid. It is a novel full of such devotion that one cannot help but relate to the same thoughts and feelings that arise in the most unexpected times and the most unexpected places. It is a novel of truth, honesty, and passion.

LIFE is a series of unavoidable moments that forces each of us to lose ourselves in a state of confused reflection. It is this confused place that we feel our problems are the only ones that exist, when no matter how hard we strive to understand the various meanings of our seemingly disordered life, the only thing that we find are more questions. Like a carnivorous cyclone, our minds, like a storm cloud, revolve around a universe that we so delicately have pieced together like a puzzle, only to realize that the picture is never quite complete. Then, just as suddenly as the storm clouds arise in our minds, we are met by calmness, an acceptance, a knowing that we cannot always understand. We surround ourselves by an ever-changing milieu, skeptical of who and what to trust, but too afraid of being alone not to take a chance.
Respected for his profound perspectives on the human condition, Sean M. Douglas spent many years on tour in the amusement industry before receiving degrees in philosophy, religious studies, and English as well as a number of business certificates. As a member of the clergy, he balances life between his passions and his pursuits. He currently resides in Toronto.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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