The Power to Change
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People have too long accepted their lot in life. People have too long accepted the idea that some have it and some don’t. People are waking up to the idea that some are not more entitled to the good life than others. People are tired of playing in and paying in to corporate greed. By the same token, people have for too long accepted the concept of mental illness, putting the power for healing in the hands of the authority. People are frustrated and looking for answers, for a better way to achieve a happier life, for a “way out” of whatever makes us feel stuck, for a “way in” to the life really desired. THIS WAY OUT presents Personality Integration Th eory and Th erapy (IT); a revolutionary blueprint to change lives. This breakthrough, empowering new system of concepts and techniques takes into account our spiritual dimension, putting our spiritual nature into context in our psyches and our lives. IT puts the power in the right hands—our own. We are still evolving, and we are nearing a great shift in human consciousness. In these pages you will fi nd a down-to-earth theory, one that embeds practical spirituality into a userfriendly system of psychology. With it, you will fi nd eff ective methods for getting control of all aspects of your life; family, relationships, finance, creative recovery, and spirituality. Herein, revealed for the very first time, discover the elusive but necessary “Missing Piece” that makes deep and lasting change possible.
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Diane Light, MA, psychotherapist, educator, and life coach for thirty years, developed Personality Integration Theory and Therapy, which reflect her belief in the Maturity Model rather than the Pathology Model of psychotherapy. A former radio host of “Life Coaching Live,” she maintains a private practice in the Washington, DC area.
Someone once said, 'You do not understand the world that you live in, how then can you understand if I told you of the things from above.'

afterwards I learned that happiness in life isn't about knowing and understanding everything. Rather, about being content, patient and tolerant. And this book with all others similar to it empowers people and encourages them just on that.


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