Daughter Of A Voice
Daughter Of A Voice
I - Thou Encounters In The Book of Genesis
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Daughter of a Voice is a book on I-Thou and I-It encounters in the book of Genesis. Using Martin Buber's philosophy of I-Thou and Jewish Midrash, the author reflects on the biblical personalities as a means of teaching the art of living in relationship with the world, with humanity, and with God. Abraham is a man obsessed with God. Jacob sees the face of God in the face of Esau. Hagar gives God a new name as a result of an encounter. Judah saves a woman from death by declaring "she is more in the right than I."
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Maureena Fritz, NDS, is Professor Emerita, Faculty of Theology, USMC, University of Toronto, Canada. She is presently the academic Director of the Bat Kol Institute in Jerusalem, which offers courses accepted for graduate credit by various universities around the world. The goal of the Institute is defined as: Christians studying the Bible within its Jewish milieu, using Jewish sources, ancient and modern, with the help of Jewish and Christian Scholars. Its raison d'etre is based on the fact that Christianity is rooted in Judaism as a plant is rooted in the earth . Professor Fritz is Canadian but has been living in Israel for the past 25 years. She has published several books on Praying with the Hebrew Scriptures and is presently writing a book on "My Conversations with Jesus the Jew."
A number of years ago I took a class from Maureena enitled C.S. Lewis and Wonder which was based on the Chronicles of Narnia. On reading Daughter of a Voice I was delighted to see that Maureena has not lost her capacity for teaching and scholarship. In highlighting the relationship between God and humanity, the characters from Genesis come alive. She speaks of how to live in relationship with our God in a very personal way. I particularly enjoyed the exercises which make the book perfect for both personal and group sharing.

I highly recommend this excellent book for spiritual reading and reflection.

Review written by Mary Hishon
Mary Hishon 


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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