The Adventures of Jack and Jim
The Adventures of Jack and Jim
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During the great depression, before the advent of gang wars or dope, work was not easy to find, if not impossible. It was a catastrophic period where people in this great country of ours were drawn together because they were all in the same boat. Neighbor helped neighbor. It was not be unusual for a neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar, if they had it, from the lady across the street. Nor would it be unusual for a family member to walk two miles out of his way to save three cents. It is in this atmosphere that our story takes place. The scene is Indianapolis, Indiana and at times Danville, Illinois, but it could be any other part of the United States.

Jack and Jim are two young, newly teenage boys in their formative years who are not fully aware of the calamitous period they are living in. The boys find themselves immersed in a tangle of exciting and sometimes frightening adventures. They think of ways they can earn money to help themselves and their parents. It seems almost natural. Therein lies the beauty of their story. Each chapter is based upon the real episode with a small amount of fiction added. The enduring friendships and the things of value in life emerge as the boys challenge the unknown. Young people search for the experiences like these because of the excitement. Lessons can be learned. The story illustrated how the freedom to make unregimented decisions within reason during childhood can help to develop integrity and mature young minds. Some of the stunts are somewhat dangerous and probably should not be attempted.

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C. Gordon Thomas is a retired physicist on the central coast of California. He was awarded an outstanding citation from the Secretary of the Navy for work on sintered powered metal studies. In 1981 he formed a successful state of the arts corporation in scientific investigations into various industry failures. Included were studies of microchips, metal failures, and aircraft crashes using the latest scientific equipment. In addition to the latest book, The Adventures of Jack and Jim, he has written Lost in Time and Out of the Night. He currently is writing Blue Sky.



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