The Shattering of the Soul
The Shattering of the Soul
The Secret Sin Sexual Addiction, Sexual Abuse
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes "there is nothing new under the sun". Only our methods have changed. Sexual acts once committed in secret are now done openly. The history of sexual abuse and sexual addiction goes back to the beginning of time, has run through, and ruined every great civilization.

Sexual abuse has no economical, racial or religious boundaries. The sexual abuse for children in religious versus- non-religious home is the same across the board. Twenty-seven percent of all children living in these homes are sexually abused.

The trapping of sexual addicts is seen through Internet addiction, pornography, and epinephrine- a chemical released in the blood during sexual acts, soul-ties and in some cases demons. Three demons, the female night demon, the Incubus, and Succubus, can play havoc in those who struggle with sex addiction.

A section under the chapter titled What About the Demonic? Entitled Deliverance, Inner Healing or Medication? Is provided to help you decide which road you need to take to set yourself free. In some cases all three may be needed. In the end, there is hope in Jesus Christ. I know, I am a sexual abuse survivor.

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Dr. Paul E. Scull received both his Master and Doctor's degree in counseling and Psychology from Carolina University of Theology in North Carolina. He is a member of the American Association of Christian counselors, and the American Associations of Christian Therapist. Some of the workshops he has completed are the School Crisis Response Training, Critical Incident Stress Management: Basic, Rape Care Advocate Training and the Assessment and treatment of Sexual Addiction. Dr. Scull is the Assistant Pastor at Chestnut Assembly of God and is the Founder and Director Turning Point Community Counseling Center, for the past 18 years, in which he is involved in group and individual counseling and the supervision of lay counselors. He is a member of New Jersey Governor's Advisory Council Against Sexual violence, Prevention and Public Education Committee, and an Adjunct Professor for Berean School of the Bible. Dr. Scull is married to Eileen Tarozzi and has two children and one grandson. Paul and Eileen live in Vineland, NJ. Dr. Scull is a sexual abuse survivor.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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