The End of the Dark and Stormy Night
The End of the Dark and Stormy Night
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If we assume that God exists, what path do you think will lead straight to Salvation?

In this hilarious, tongue-in-cheek novel set in Elkford, British Columbia, Mrs. Anand believes that not eating cows is the answer. For this reason, she hates Jesse, the red-haired cow eater who married her talentless writer son, Ravi.

Mrs. Hicks, a legalist, is convinced that Salvation only comes to those who are born-agains. And that Jesus hates lesbians. What Mrs. Hicks does not know is that her only daughter, Elisha, is a full-blown lesbian, her son, a porn addict, and her husband, an adulterous man.

Elisha, who is in love with the half Jamaican single mother wonders how exactly born-again lesbians find Salvation. She wonders if the mysterious stranger who wears a top hat and carries a garbage bag full of only-God-knows-what knows the answer to this eternal quest that plagues our characters' everyday existence.

Rich with a multicultural cast, irreverent humor, and a twist of magic, Rajni Mala Khelawan weaves a tale of ordinary people seeking to end the blindness that corrupts their lives.

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Rajni Mala Khelawan is originally from the Fiji Islands. She emigrated to Canada in 1988 to pursue her education, graduating from Athabasca University with a BA in 2004. There, she rediscovered her love of writing and started her first novel. Currently, she lives with her daughter in Calgary, Alberta, and is working on her second novel, "A Suitable Mate."

Author Profiles/Interviews

The Daybreak Show, CBC Radio, March 22, 2009
NUTV, aired on Shaw Channel 10, April 8 & 12, 2009
Asian Magazine TV, aired on Cable 89, April 25 & 26, 2009
OMNI News National, aired on Channel 4, May 18, 2009

Other Publications

Elkford Focus, June 2009: An Excerpt from the novel The End of the Dark and Stormy Night.
Readers’ Digest, January, 2004: "As Kids See It."

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