Zapizapu Crosses the Sea
Zapizapu Crosses the Sea
A Story About Being Fair
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Let's take a journey with our children across the big, wide, deep blue sea! We will discover the delicious zapizapu and learn about the people that grow it. Then, as we follow zapizapu's journey as it crosses the sea we will learn what it means to others when we pay a fair price for the things we enjoy.

Zapizapu Crosses the Sea is a fascinating children's book. The script and colourful illustrations work together to simplify the concept of international trade and personify those involved around the world from grower to consumer. In its rawness we discover that the simple yet important concept of 'playing fair' is important for children and grown ups alike.

Page 3......
In a beautiful land far, far away
accross the big wide deep blue sea....

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Santiago and Maria’s father grew zapizapu, which he traded for money. People all over the world, across the big, wide, deep blue sea loved zapizapu!
Most of all, they loved a very special drink that
they could make with it. The drink tasted so good and a lot could happen between the top and the bottom of a cup of zapizapu.

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There was just one problem…even though people loved zapizapu they did not like paying much money for it. They did not want to pay a fair price.
Santiago and Maria’s mother explained “A fair price means being paid what you deserve for your work, so that you can have food on the table, a decent house to live in, a school to attend, and so you can go to the doctor if you need to.”
It seemed that many people made lots of money from zapizapu. However, Santiago and Maria’s father and other growers like him did not make much money at all.

Page 13

Before long many children and grown ups from many far away lands decided to buy their zapizapu only from shops that promised to pay the growers a fair price. These shops made sure that the zapizapu growers were paid more coins.


Diane Abad Vergara is a communications professional from New Zealander. She is married to Jaime (who works as a psychologist) from Colombia. Together they have two sons. Whilst completing her Masters in Communications, and consuming perhaps a tad too much coffee in the process Diane began to consider the chain of events and people involved from crop buds to taste buds. Zapizapu Crosses the Sea was born.

Diane also produced her first documentary 'Living with Coffee' (as part of her thesis), which also explores the theme of trading fairly. In particular it looks at the coffee trade between Colombia and New Zealand).



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