The Laws of Nature for a Better Self
The Laws of Nature for a Better Self
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Laws of Nature have been derived from ancient texts dating back thousands of years. They help to explain human behaviour by linking personal character with the 5 elements of nature. Now, these elements have been studied and interpreted to help you become a better you. A straight talking, honest application of the learning’s of millennia, to the personal issues of today.

Through the application of these techniques, you will achieve “Stillness”, a state of mind in which time stops, you feel absolutely at one with whatever you are doing. A moment of pure inspiration and for the athlete, the leader, the entrepreneur or the artist, they are moments of absolute perfection. For most people this inspired state of mind is an accident, but by using the laws of nature you can achieve this deliberately.

With these techniques, you’ll feel more centred, balanced and calm. Your health will improve because there will be an obvious reduction in stress levels, anxiety and uncertainty. The skills are already within you; they are natural, ancient and as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago.

Positive personal change through higher consciousness: a richer, more rewarding quality of life.

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Chris Walker is a leader in the field of personal change through higher consciousness: applying the ancient laws of nature to modern times. With over 30 years helping people change, he writes his books with both the wisdom of the ages and the discipline of well seasoned hands on personal guide. Walker lives in Sydney, Australia but spends much of his life on the road working with clients which include: Indigenous communities, Federal Governments, Fortune 500's and individuals looking for fast, clear conscious change. Chris spends 3 months of the year working with groups up high in the Himalayas of Nepal. In his writing Walker draws on his MBA and BE as well as numerous qualifications in Eastern arts including: Yoga, Meditation, Shiatsu, Zen, Reiki and others. This is the unique diversity you get in his books; however, Walker's real inspiration is nature. A passionate student of the ancient laws of nature, Chris spends every moment he can outdoors in the wild. This, he believes, is the connection to nature we must all cherish in order to sustain our personal humanity. This is Chris's 20th book on the topic of positive personal change through higher consciousness.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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