Where I Come From
Where I Come From
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God's man who accomplishes all that he set out to do; by being obedient to the will of God. Through his years of struggle he has lived to tell the story of how he made it

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As a child growing up in Beaumont, Texas, my desire has always been to help people. I attended College to pursue a career in Nursing. I worked in hospitals my entire life and helped those who were sick. After marrying and raising two daughters, it was time for me to really get busy and do Kingdom work. I dedicated my life completely to Christ and chose to live the Christian-lifestyle. After the loss of my late husband, God directed me to be a full-time servant and to do His perfect will. Several years later, I was elected by God to become the First Lady to the Rev. E. L. Burnside, Pastor of the Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church, located in Houston, Texas. My work for Christ is always with me on my job. I love to tell everyone at the work place that my employer's name was changed to Jesus when I accepted Christ as my personal savior. My mission is to encourage people daily and to let them know that God is in control and everything will work out in their favor, regardless of what man may think or say and always continue to put their trust in God.

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Constance Burnside

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A survivor, this word fit the description of the life I lived to tell about. Born in a small town (Huntsville, Texas), having my grandfather to rear me, until his health failed, was a great responsibility for a child. A twelve year old trying to take care of my elderly grandfather, with little food and money to make ends meet. I can look back and see the road was rough and the goings were tough, but through it all I made it. The Lord being with me, carried me when I had no control or way out of my circumstances. I had the Master Teacher and did not realize I had all that I would ever need to stand in spite of the obstacles and opposition which came knocking at my door. I was later Married to a Godly woman that helped lead me to Church and never gave up on me. God called me into the ministry to serve Him for over forty seven years. I organized Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church of Houston, Texas over forty three years where I am still the Pastor. After the death of my late wife, several years ago; God in His infinite wisdom led me to another faithful wife in His service. We work together in the continuation of ministering to God's people through our service for God's people by letting our little light shine in deeds and services.

As Told By,

Ernest Burnside

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