Tuffy at the Ridge
Tuffy at the Ridge
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Based on a true story In Tumbler Ridge, B.C.

Tuffy, a black lab puppy, goes on an adventure with Misty, the kitten and their owners. Destination, Tumbler Ridge, B.C. where a new town was being built. Many changes were about to happen while they were in Tumbler Ridge. A new lifestyle, different friends, and adjusting to the challenges in adolescence, and family life.

This was not only a challenge for Tuffy, but for all of those who came into his life up North.

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P. Charlene Sharratt has lived on Saltspring Island for 14 years where she has written two childrenÌÄå¢*Ì¢‰**å¢s books. Her first book, Pushkin on the Mount was based on a true story of a stray cat on Mount Maxwell ,Saltspring Island, BC Her most recent book Tuffy at the Ridge was based on a true story written in Tumbler Ridge, BC. All of her inspirations were through pets and the idea of sharing a message to children about life situations . These situations could range from trusting, caring, sharing, bullying, adolescence and family life. Originally these stories were written for her daughter Michelle when she was just a baby. Charlene was so inspired by the encouragement of family and friends that she decided to self publish these books.


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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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