The End of Evil
The End of Evil
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An amazing book based on the discovery by the author of some unique Gematria systems that reveal new insights into Bible stories and modern events. The book starts off by going to the beginnings of evil with the sin of Adam and showing that at its root is an imbalance in the sexuality of mankind. The book examines various stories in the Bible showing how man became depraved in his nature. After examining a few post biblical stories the author reveals secret messages hidden in some modern day events such as the destruction of the Twin Towers and the bombing at Madrid as well as the bombing in London on 7/7/05. Finally, after examining the number 666 – the Number of the Beast – Jethro Black reveals who the King Messiah is and even gives possible dates of his revelation. The numbers 666 and 777 reoccur frequently in The End of Evil and their significance is explained. The book has many fascinating appendices showing all sorts of esoterical connections. Such stories as Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs take on new esoterical meanings and some profound secrets concerning King Arthur and his Round Table are revealed. This book bridges the chasm between different arcane and esoterical wisdoms and links them together using the power of numbers. Almost 600 pages of mind blowing mathematical connections – revealing that indeed, mathematics is the Language of the Universe. However, you don't need to be a mathematian to read this book but a calculator would be useful! By the way, the word on the front cover – Teshuvah – is the Hebrew word meaning Return – returning to our state prior to the sin of Adam and Eve. For Bible sceptics this book will pose for them a similar challenge as the Bible Codes.

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About the Author

Jethro Black, 47, is a Physics graduate from Leeds University. After his degree he spent three years studying Talmud and Chassidic Philosophy in Israel and after taking a PGCE course went into teaching. Jethro has spent the last six years researching into English Gematria and have written a short book on the topic of 9/11 he discovered new forms of English and Hebrew Gematria which he has used in his mammoth book – The End of Evil. He is now writing his next book called The Creation which will delve into the mysteries of time and space and the essence of matter basing some of this work on his studies in Physics.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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