Hogwash For Hamsters
Hogwash For Hamsters
A Light-hearted Look at the Hobby of Amateur Radio
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The author investigates the humor behind amateur radio, a hobby that has captivated numerous people throughout the world for almost a century. Contrary to popular belief, the hobby continues to grow as it develops and incorporates new technologies, including digital communications, computers, internet, satellites, and so on. While some are into building their own equipment, others are more focused on chasing faint signals in distant lands or competing for bragging rights in various contests. Most would gladly consider themselves as “nerds” for it takes a lot of dedication and knowledge to obtain a license and successfully operate a radio station. Among all the technical mumbo-jumbo, however, there is a lighter side, which is brought out in Hogwash for Hamsters. When we take ourselves less seriously, we become even better ambassadors to the world. So enjoy the limericks, songs, riddles, one liners, and stories. It might just make your day a little brighter.

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Jerry Spring was born in 1957, in Windsor Ontario and received his amateur radio license at the age of fifteen. After a degree in physics from York University, Jerry went to work in Calgary as an exploration geophysicist in 1980. His career took him literally around the world, living in such places as Houston, Jakarta, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Calgary, and others. He is married to Marisela and has a teenage daughter, Alexandra (both born in Texas). It was when visiting the ham radio station at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto a few years ago with his family that the ham radio bug bit again. Since then, Jerry has been active in many aspects of the hobby. ‰*ÏHogwash for Hamsters‰** satisfies Jerry‰*ªs creative need for writing with his fondness of amateur radio. Jerry‰*ªs other interests include Bluegrass banjo, photography, and languages. He continues to work and live in Calgary, Alberta.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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