Whither Zionism?
Whither Zionism?
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The state of Israel was conceived on the model of the Maccabean era. Yet, most people know only of the heroic feats of Judas Maccabeus who led a successful revolt against Greek overlordship, cleansed the Jerusalem temple, and established the feast of Hanukkah.

The historical facts surrounding these times are not discussed, although they are vital to our understanding of the currently unfolding events in the Middle East. Human emotions, and as a result human behavior, have not changed in 2000 years and we are now witnessing a replay of history. We know how the Maccabean era ended. We also know the real reasons why the Jews lost their homeland, but only the myths rather than the facts keep getting repeated. This is outright dangerous for the future. We are guided by political and religious propaganda and since our politicians cannot, or will not, take the time to really study history they stumble from one disaster into another. This book is intended to deprive them of excuses because it is short and written in everyday language.

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Dr. Rodin has spent his professional life in academic medicine. He has published extensively in the international scientific literature, especially on aspects dealing with brain-behavior relationships. He is known for calling a "spade a spade," which has earned him at times venomous critiques by some detractors, but mostly the respect of those who value truthful behavior. He has recently published War & Mayhem: Reflections of a Viennese Physician and his website, www.thinktruth.com provides more information.



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