The Laws of Nature for a Better Business
The Laws of Nature for a Better Business
Perfect Bound Softcover
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What really grabs you about this book is the way it goes from leadership all the way to personal mastery without missing a beat. It's a great handbook for any person who wants to have a meaningful work life without blowing their health or their relationship along the way.

Walker doesn't fake it either. He's grounded the book with the Laws of Nature so, there's no theory about how things should be or could be at work. He highlights the importance of the culture and how for businesses to grow having the right knowledge and tools is not enough if the culture does not evolve/adapt with it fast enough.

His 'Aussie' attitude comes across really 'matter-of-fact' and that really is refreshing when most business teachers and consultants are still in starched collars and formal ties.

It's obvious that this book comes from real life experience and the section for good self mastery looks like Walker is recounting his 30 years in business, trying to help the rest of us not fall into the same ruts and grooves that don't work. Like wise news for young shoulders.

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I started my first business when I was 10 years old, washing cars at night and delivering papers in the early mornings. I've been an entrepreneur ever since, with both success and failure blended nicely along the way, but what was missing, from start to finish was real, good, grounded advice. Most business advice is either heavily financially based or it's laced with religious undertones, people's judgements on money or academic rhetoric.

So, in search of knowledge I did an MBA for two full years, in my opinion, graduating with less business acumen than when I started. My search led me to what might seem to be a really weird place to understand the human dynamics of business: nature. At first it sounds crazy, what could we learn about business from nature? My answer is: more than an MBA. Everything in the world works to the same laws. Those laws have been known since time began, but we forget them. So, now, after 20 years of study I'd like to share with you just an introduction to the application of the ancient laws of nature to modern business management. Good management does not have to be hard work. Success in business does not have to be stressful or painful. It can be enjoyable, as long as the model we work with is not a fantasy about how the world goes around. This is why the laws of nature are important for business: they ground management in reality and cause predictability for the future.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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