The Yoga Of Wealth
The Yoga Of Wealth
The Book of Prosperity and Radikal Freedom
Perfect Bound Softcover
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What's the Yoga of Wealth? What's Yoga? What's real happiness? What's love? What's spirituality?

Being born we experience ourselves as a separate nervous system. Evolutionary defaults are understandably geared for survival and protection of this separate nervous system. Everyone is destined to die, for our separate nervous system experience to terminate.

The Yoga of Wealth takes you on a journey of understanding and integration. Understanding the structure, experience and importance of separation. Integrating this experience within the teachings of possibility, we can also compellingly know the core essence of ourselves as the source and totality of the universe. This 'radikal freedom' balances all action, thought and feeling with the experiential view of the great totality.

The Yoga of Wealth leads from the inherent tensions of separation to the ease and freedom of a deep sense of connection. This process, by means of a wealth of teachings and an abundance of experiential practices, leads one to this realisation of 'radikal freedom'.

The Yoga of Wealth honours process, celebrates desire and assists the reader to work effectively and playfully with these powerful forces. The Yoga of Wealth teaches the path to this transcendent experiential view of reality as inclusion and immanence. Immanence is engagement with the fullness of our experience within the form and structures of the world as it is, here and now. What is Yoga? What is real happiness? What is love? What is spirituality? What is real wealth? What is it to be free? Read the Yoga of Wealth.

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Christopher is primarily a radikal yet simple contemporary western Yogi, he has been involved in all aspects of Yogic practice for the past twenty-five years.

From childhood Christopher has explored the realms of Devotion, Nature, Body Training, Bodylove, Mind Training, Tantra, and Deep Inquiry.

Also a Certified Trainer in NLP and an Advanced Practitioner of Hypnosis he has dipped his toes into and paddled on the beaches of the oceans of Western Biological and Psychological Sciences and Eastern Philosophy.

Father of beautiful children, Lover of Life, Christopher offers his work as an East-West devotional synergy and to the benefit and freedom of all beings everywhere.

Christopher has travelled and taught Hatha-Raja, Ashtanga, Tantra and Jnana Yogas internationally and has had many articles published in the international Yoga press.

Invite Christopher to come and share his wisdom, passion, teaching, and awareness with you.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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