Tangerine Sky
Tangerine Sky
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Tangerine Sky is a compilation of poetry, prose and random writings. Step into a colourful but wicked world and ride the endless thoughts as you explore the never ending windings of ones imagination.

Jamie's pen will take you through waves of emotions, touching tributes, various poetry, intense stories and more.

Open this book and step within... It only takes a moment before you crash upon the rigid cliffs of this Writer's mind.

Shattered Mind

I look into the mirror
only to see
an empty frame of broken pieces,
images of me.
A blank reflection of white emptiness
and big hollow letters
of a soundless scream- that
ricochet through the
endless depths of my mind-
till I can't see
and myself, I cannot find...

Ageless Wonder

Old fart, old fart- what could this be-
Another birthday making you 60?
Well, hell- Let’s celebrate!

Roll up your boobs and tuck them away
Slide into that trashy dress
We’ll dance the night away!

On Wednesday afternoons you can
Find her with her crew- A few games
of Sequence and a few of Wahoo!

Stoned on coffee, she’ll drink you
Under the table. Piss her off
She’ll cuss you if she’s able!

Aged to perfection, well over the hill
She can’t run like she used to, BUT-
By gosh- she’s still good for a thrill

For Connie Snowden on her 60th Birthday


The haunting shadows of unwanted thoughts
creep from corner to corner,
playing tricks on the unsuspecting eye-
Making you crazy, Is it real? You wonder...
Taunting, haunting shadows prodding
your reality, so close, it's ghostly fingers
nearly touch your mind...
Large shadows start to tower over you,
making you cower like a frightened child,
then they suddenly disappear.
Was it just your imagination?
Or was it the fear of all unwanted thoughts
shadowing your mind?

Jamie Edson Opielski lives in Universal City, Texas with her husband Jason and their four children; Alona, Matthew, and twin boys Jason and Justin. She is proudly registered Cherokee Indian in the Cherokee Nation and is a work from home mom where she is a a Virtual Assistant for Ekwa Marketing www.ekwa.com, a pre-school Kids Day Out Teacher, Poet and writes Character Letters for children. For more information visit www.texaspoet.org.

This book is absolutely fabulous! It made me laugh and cry it was wonderful reading, I highly recommend Tangerine Sky!
The author touches on every emotion possible. With the turn of every page I ask myself, "how did she know?" From past hurts to the birth of a new child, you remember the feelings and experience a moment of peace that comes from knowing someone else has been there too. An excellent collection of poetry and short works that everyone should read.
I have read Tangerine Sky and I find it inserational, an insite into one thought of sadness, hope, joy, happiness and love. it a good read.

Michael Wayne