A Vibrant Life
A Vibrant Life
Yoga in the Middle Years and Beyond
Perfect Bound Softcover
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An essential guide to some of the many practices of Yoga, this book casts a spotlight on the basics, meant to ignite the fire of yoga in your heartmind. A Vibrant Life is especially for people who might be intimidated by yoga classes, who have limitations, or who think they are not young or flexible enough to learn yoga. If you're reading this page, and breathing, you can practice yoga!

You will find introductions to the foundations of yoga (including breathing and meditation practices) which delight your mind, and invite you to explore further the rich mine of freedom and vibrant living that awaits you.

A unique feature is the "three levels of practice". Each level contains many of the same poses in different variations. The first level is right for someone who is relatively healthy, in reasonably good condition and who has no major limitations.

The second level is adapted for someone with some physical limitations who needs to avoid further injury or discomfort. It is also ideal for people who are a bit out-of-shape and need to begin with a gentler practice.

The third level is with a chair for those whose physical strength or abilities invite a more supported practice. Using a chair-assistant brings the benefits of yoga while honoring the need for safe support.

Choose the appropriate pose from any of three levels, mixing them as you respond to each day's needs. This allows you to create your personal practice each day. Enjoy!

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Felice Rhiannon P.Y.T., E-R.Y.T.

For over three decades Felice Rhiannon has been involved with complimentary healing, the study of consciousness as well as relaxation and meditation practices. Yoga became a passion in her forties as she explored the remarkable healing aspects of Yoga practice.

In addition to teaching Yoga to the general public, Felice has created specialized classes for people in their middle years and beyond. She has created therapeutic programs for people living with challenging conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and other musculo-skeletal issues as well as programs for life-cycle events such as grieving, changing careers and birthing. In all of these classes Felice includes the full range of Yoga practices…physical postures, breathing and meditative techniques, guided imagery, and deep inner awareness.

Felice holds two Yoga teacher certifications: a general certificate from the Shambhava School of Yoga in Colorado and a specialized certificate in therapeutic Yoga from Integrative Yoga Therapy. These certifications are recognized by Yoga Alliance, a national registry that sets educational standards for Yoga schools and teachers. In acknowledgement of her advanced studies and years of teaching, Felice Rhiannon has been awarded certification as a Professional Yoga Therapist (PYT) and is registered as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT).



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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