Computer Tune Up
Computer Tune Up
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When I worked on my first computer back in 1968 it occupied an entire room of 20 ft by 30 ft with a raised floor and a hard drive that had 11 levels and each "disk" (level) was the width of a floor sander disk. We loaded the "boot strap" by running a paper tape identical to the yellow teletype paper tapes of the 40s, 50s and 60s. At that time this Control Data 8090 communications computer was "state of the art". Today, the capacity of that computer could easily fit into any medium size desktop personal computer.

From then until now I have performed thousands of computer repairs on personal computers, about 95% for companies like Dell, Hewlitt Packard, Compaq and IBM. During that time I met thousands of homeowners who shared their problems and concerns with me.

In this book I have gathered together most of the problems and concerns expressed to me over the years. It is unique, in that, it is written from the users point of view, not from the manufacturers viewpoint. It is written in large type (for seniors) and east step by step instructions where needed.

I attempted to bring together information that would keep the computer running at top speed while at the same time informing the user how to protect the system from viruses, worms, spam and other threats.

The second chapter discusses various parts of the computer. Some of which any user should become familiar with in order to discuss problems with their tech support team. The third chapter discusses various items specific to the software of the Windows operating system and some other elements.

There are a number of important appendixes focusing on individual subjects related to things that may cause your computer to malfunction.

Finally, there is a list of important web addresses and the addresses of each of the largest computer manufacturers, just in case you need to contact them.

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The author has spent over 40 years in the electronics industry. His career started in the U.S. Navy where he was trained in electronics. He did two tours of duty in Vietnam and was awarded a combat ribbon among others. After his honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy he went into the business world where he continued his education in electronics. He traveled extensively for large corporations and oversaw the planning, installation and maintenance of large voice and data communications systems. He was a banking officer for one of the largest banks in the United States and state office manager for a sister company providing technical support for DirecTV. He eventually rose to Project Manager before leaving to start his own successful business. During his long and varied career he has also worked as a Chief Technician for a TV station in the #1 market in the U.S. and Chief Engineer for 3 top radio stations in a large U.S. city. His last position before retiring was as a computer repairman.

His business included planning, installing and maintaining voice and data communications systems, satellite installations and computers.



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