Paddle Adventuring With Canoe & Kayak
Paddle Adventuring With Canoe & Kayak
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Paddle Adventuring with Canoe and Kayak ranges from the joy and zen of paddling to the zany, from novice to skilled tripping and family cruising. It describes lessons learned and possibilities that beckon from local to favored waters: Ontario lakes, Chesapeake and Florida rivers, New England, British Columbia coast, Alaska, coastal and interior Belize. Adventures range from mild to wild, global in scope to right round home. Paddling, a universal activity almost anyone can do, is a fastest growing recreation that is simple, versatile, hip, ecologically friendly, affordable, and a door to freedom that connects with nature and provides easy access to varieties of adventuring. Growing popularity of paddling is evident from appearance of these craft as background in various ads, and from the announcements touting hundreds of Chevy Truck “You Can Paddle” events: “Paddling brings sanity to an insane world... quiets society’s noise... reconnects us to something vital and real. Paddling can change your life if you let it.” James Raffan, author of Bark, Skin and Cedar, wrote “To paddle a canoe is to embark on a luminal journey that can sweep a willing heart across thresholds of new worlds.” Paddle Adventuring opens to some of these worlds. Dr. Louis Perez (of the Explorers Club), an early reader, summarized the book as “Doable Adventuring. Achievable dreams.” Paddle Adventuring’s poetry and over 700 photographs reflect the rhythm of paddle strokes, gentle rise and fall of ocean swells, and windy-day lapping of waves - a kaleidoscopic mix of shared experience, a window on a wide segment of the paddling world. Happenings in the paddling universe include motherships, urban paddling, new kayak designs, more water trails, remedial paddling, saving and restoring rivers. The paddle offers a return to a revitalizing conscious sense of body and self. Grabbing hold, a handle on your world, “paddling your own canoe”...or kayak, is instantly and tangibly responsive.
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Herb Klinger, a former Non-Western Studies teacher, canoeing counselor and tripping director, Camping and Guidance Instructor at Teachers College, Columbia University, and with Program Development as Recreation Chief of the US Job Corps, has been a lifelong paddler. Following travels in over a hundred and twenty countries, the publication of Knapsacking Abroad (Stackpole Books) and several best-selling color-sound filmstrip and video series including Man: A Cross-Cultural Approach, Global Cultures, and Man: An Ecological Approach (Educational Design, Inc.), Herb's avocational interest in canoeing and kayaking became a major focus. He and his wife Judy spend much of their time on the British Columbia coast and paddling from an island cabin in Temagami, Ontario. His work has appeared in Anorak (North Atlantic Kayaker), Camping Magazine, Canoesport, Canoe & Kayak, Messing About in Boats, Paddler, Sports Afield, and Travel Magazine.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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