Nana's Nursery Rhymes
Nana's Nursery Rhymes
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Inside these pages you will find new nursery rhymes with illustrations. Each one is written to help children see the wonders of our world. Your child can reach for the stars in Would You Like To Fly? They can explore the magic of the sea in The Ocean Blue.

They can read about a little bug named Billy or a tiny Leprechaun. When we read with a child we open a doorway to many exciting adventures that we can share.

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"Living in southwest Oklahoma, it seems like life travels at a slower pace. You can take the time to listen to a bird singing in the woods, or watch a hawk circling overhead. I like being able to write down the things I remember from my own childhood, and the things I see in everyday life. I enjoy making children smile when they read about a dancing bear or Freddie the frog.

I have been married to my husband Jim for 36 years. We have a daughter Laura, and a son, Dean. We also have a granddaughter, Audrey. Laura does a lot of my illustrations for me, and we enjoy working together. We are currently working on volume II of Nana's Nursery Rhymes. We hope that these little poems and stories bring a smile or two your way, and help us as adults to remember the wonders of our childhood."



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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