Corporate Executive Protection
Corporate Executive Protection
A Manual for Inspiring Corporate Bodyguards
Perfect Bound Softcover
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About the Book

Regardless of whether you provide Executive Protection to corporate executives, politician, celebrities or military leaders continuous learning and ongoing Executive Protection development for protecting your Principal's through the current risk-prone environment.

Having paid your dues with the military, law enforcement, private sector or PSD (international security contractor) are you ready to step up and meet the challenge of corporate executive protection?

Corporate Executive Protection: A Manual for Inspiring Corporate Bodyguards (CXP) cover both the fundamental skills and procedures required to provide effective Corporate Executive Protection and advance skills need while on international Corporate Executive Protection details, meeting the Executive Protection needs of entry-level Executive Protection agents and seasoned Executive Protection professionals.

Corporate Executive Protection: A Manual for Inspiring Corporate Bodyguards benefits individuals wishing to get into the Corporate Executive Protection profession the military, law enforcement, private sector or PSD as well as providing new strategies and practices for Executive Protection veterans.


• Military, law enforcement, private sector and PSD personnel wanting to make a smooth career transition into Corporate Executive Protection.

• Corporate security directors.

• Professionals interested in the principles and practices of Corporate Executive Protection.

• Protective services personnel who need more information on Corporate Executive Protection on the international level.

• Newer Executive Protection agents to the field of Corporate Executive Protection.

• Seasoned Executive Protection professionals.

• Security agency managers transitioning into executive protection or adding a new Executive Protection Unit to their security agency.

• Security force managers, and other professionals with personnel protection responsibility.


Learn the fundamentals and the advance operational techniques of Corporate Executive Protection:

• Executive Protection skill levels
• Assemble your Executive Protection team
• Principal care
• Your team lineup
• Communication
• The Principal's agenda
• Working from the agenda
• On-site venue inspections
• Crisis action planning
• Executive Protection medical training
• Dry runs of routes
• Assemble a motorcade
• Security drivers
• Motorcade operations
• Executive protection operation center
• Vetting local hired security
• Advance work
• Advance surveys
• The advance presentation
• Executive Protection wardrobe management
• Executive Protection body language
• Executive Protection firearms
• Making a smooth transition
• Executive Protection job search management
• Executive Protection fitness program
• Executive Protection wheels-up party survival
• Recommended top 15 corporations to find Executive protection jobs
• Executive Protection motorcade checklist
• On-camera media checklist
• Executive Protection country survey checklist
• Executive Protection Improvised explosive devices
• Executive Protection Suicide terrorist recognition
• Executive Protection professional service programs
• Executive Protection Code of conduct
• Understand what it takes to succeed and advance in this highly specialized profession of Corporate Executive Protection.

CXP enables you a smooth career transition from the military, law enforcement, private sector or PSD into the lucrative and thrilling world of executive protection working in fascinating and exotic locales.  

Foreword The number of terrorist cells is growing each year. Many terrorist groups are engaging in joint planning and operations around the world. International criminals are growing in numbers as well as in organization. Some participate in terrorist-for-hire operations. This is a very sobering picture of the world in which we live. This means increased potential risk on international corporate executive protection (CXP) assignments within America as well as those outside the continental United States (OCONUS). Therefore, top businesspeople depend on executive protection specialists (EPS) for protection, risk management, strategies and tactics in unstable countries around the world. If you have military, law enforcement, private sector or PSD (personal security detachment) experience, that is a good start. But the notion these past experiences are all you need for international corporate executive protection work is a myth. Very little of what military, law enforcement, private sector and PSD personnel do has nothing to do with executive protection in a corporate environment. Military, law enforcement, private sector and PSD experience is valuable, but CXP is a whole new concept, and you will begin to understand it soon within the pages of the CXP Manual. EPS don’t take international CXP assignments just for a paycheck. Being well paid is important, but EPS go on assignments to be part of something bigger. EPS have a purpose and a mission. What they do makes a difference. The most successful EPS perfectly align their services with the corporate mission, purpose and image. Landing your first executive protection assignment could be the opportunity of a lifetime if you handle it right. Hard work, discipline and corporately sound EP strategies are the best way to prepare for, find and keep a new job. This CXP Manual was developed to help you learn superior skills faster, easier and without going through a “now what” episode of bewilderment. Your ability to reach a level of success in the international CXP field is based on your commitment to get there. I do not believe you are reading the CXP Manual by accident. You were flipping through the pages of a professional trade magazine, and the manual found you. It found you for good reason. You made a knowledgeable decision and took positive action that has moved you closer toward your goal. There is a prevailing force at work in your life that will allow you to develop your full executive protection potential. Pay attention to that force. Value it. You will find the CXP Manual is an investment in your future international CXP success. Study this manual, learn the critical EP skills, make a plan, set a schedule and get to work. Good luck and God speed. Introduction If you haven’t met me, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris Rogers, Director of Diplomatic Protection for International Corporate Executive Protection (ICEP), protecting top CEOs of major public corporations, movie, music and fashion stars since 1991. I personally head up the ICEP Executive Protection Unit (EPU) in Asia. ICEP is one of the largest and most respected executive protection and corporate security firms in Asia. I am pleased you have allowed me to teach you the corporately sound executive protection principles presented in our CXP Manual. In it I share techniques and skills that will assist individuals coming out of the military, law enforcement, private sector, PSD (personal security detachment) or an executive protection (EP) academy, as well as EPS who are on their way to the top or who have already arrived in the field of international corporate executive protection. Once you have arrived at a top executive protection job, you’re expected to know what to do on international CXP assignments. Often we find executive protection specialists on international assignments surprised and bewildered. Their early security and executive protection experience, whether from the military, law enforcement, private sector, PSD or an EP academy, has not prepared them for their international executive protection roles. You’ve been hired for your military, law enforcement, private sector, PSD or EP academy skills; now you have to develop a whole new set of international CXP competencies – things they don’t teach you in military, law enforcement, the private sector or even in executive protection academies. In our CXP Manual you’ll discover the techniques and skills I’ve learned during my years on the international CXP circuit throughout Asia. I’ll share ideas and advice that can help you shorten your EP learning curve, eliminate the pain of trial and error, execute corporately sound executive protection principles and look and act like a seasoned professional while on international CXP assignments. Not having corporately sound international EP skills is a major liability in the industry. No individual transitioning from the military, law enforcement, private sector, PSD or an EP academy that is serious about executive protection on the international corporate scale would ignore a liability. If you want to make a smooth transition from the military, law enforcement, private sector, PSD or an EP academy, you should take note. Start doing the things that build your executive protection skills beyond the basics – corporately sound, on the international level and extremely effective.

Christopher Rogers is a well-respected member of the corporate international executive protection community. He is a Certified Protection Specialist (CPS) graduate of Executive Security International (ESI) and holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Security Administration from Southwest University, where he graduated cum laude. Rogers is also a 9-year former police veteran.

Since 1991 he has been the Director of Diplomatic Protection for International Corporate Executive Protection (ICEP), a private executive protection and corporate security-consulting firm operating in the Far East and Southeast Asia.

ICEP’s clients include CEOs and senior executives of top major public corporations, media figures, religious leaders, movie, music, and fashion icons, champion athletes and politicians. Rogers also provides training in his areas of expertise to foreign corporate, governmental law enforcement and military units.

Rogers, an expert in the underground workings of third world Asian countries, has the academic, professional, and insider credentials to offer unprecedented insight and invaluable expertise on corporate executive protection on an international scale.