Caught Between Coming and Going
Caught Between Coming and Going
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As you learn about life, you know that an encounter with death is in your future. Most of us don't know when that moment will come. This book presents a collection of short stories based on actual events of death encounters and life threatening situations. The stories are told from the spiritual perspective of the authors Christian Beliefs. With the exception of the Georgia State Trooper in a senseless act of violence, the names of the characters and places have been fictionalized by the author. Any similarities to actual events, any person or place is strictly confidential.

The fictional story, running out of time, reveals the drama of a bad decision by a police officer and the horrible consequences repaid on his close friends, who try to help him out in a jam. All of the fictional stories were constructed from the author's imagination and based on hid Christian religious education and reading the holy bible.

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Robert M Wynn was born in St. Louis, MO. and completed his primary education from kindergarten through grade six in the St. Louis Public School System. He attended grades seven and eight at Cahokia Jr. High School. Robert completed grades nine through twelve at Cahokia High School in Cahokia, IL.

Robert began his college education at the east St. Louis, IL. campus of Southern Illinois University (S.I.U). After a half a year of college he joined the U.S. Army and completed four years of active duty as a military policeman. Robert worked one year in Viet Nam as an MP. He received an honorable discharge from the army and joined a city police department in Northern Virginia and completed 33 years of active duty.

While working as a police officer, Robert attended the American University, School of Justice, in Washington, D.C. part time until he earned a bachelors degree in the administration of Justice.

Robert is the author of Eight Girls, 18-0: A Basketball Dream Season, also available from Trafford Publishing.


If you believe in God, I trust that you will fi nd the short stories in this book enjoyable, entertaining and informative. The stories are based on my observations while wearing a law enforcement badge.

One day at the police station, a photo copier repairman shared his opinion of God's humorous side with me. The repairman said "If you want to make God laugh, go to God in prayer and tell Him about the important plans that you have made."

I would ask each reader to ponder the following questions. Select a recent day and an exact time on any day you choose. Go back exactly one year in the past to that date and time. Describe where you were and what you did. That little exercise was probably too easy for most of you. Select a date and time exactly one year in the future from the fi rst date you chose. Now describe exactly where you will be and what you will be doing. Do you think that our heavenly Father, God Almighty could instantly and accurately answer both questions?


If one were to freeze frame a critical moment of anyone's mortal life, one would notice that all living individuals are subject to being caught in a very stressful life threatening predicament. At any given moment in our lifetime, all of us are Caught between Coming and Going. We had no say in when, where or how we were born. Most of us will have no say in when, where or how we leave this earth.



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