The Green Baron
The Green Baron
A Business Parable on Ecolution
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Baron, the CEO of a manufacturing firm, never thought of himself as an environmentalist, but rather a captain of industry. This story is a parable of how a business leader transforms his thinking about the natural environment, works to radically change the thinking of everyone in his organization, and increases profitability in the process.

A couple of events that hit close to home are the catalysts that cause Baron to look at his own actions through a different lens. It is his through this new lens that his disappointment at why things are no longer the way that he remembered them grows; coupled with his chagrin over the pervasive belief of his management team that short-term gains trump long-term benefits.

He asks "Why can't others see what I'm seeing?" Soon the reader joins Baron on a journey through the organization, meeting key managers, hearing how they conduct their areas of the business; ultimately witnessing their paradigm shifts that occur as a result of the green journey.

Baron, the CEO (aka The Green Baron), is a visionary in many ways but perhaps most compelling is how his story will inspire readers to start their own ecolution.

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Steven C. Dunn grew up in southern California and was witness to the unparalleled growth and impact that civilization has on the natural environment. He spent his youth backpacking the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada, San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountains, Mojave Desert and the Pacific coast. He earned a BS in Zoology, an MBA at Boise State (and explored the Rockies), and spent 10 years in the food industry. He received his Ph.D. in Business from The Pennsylvania State University in 1992 and began teaching courses in environmental management after discovering that most business students did not understand the implications of the natural environment in business decisions.

Today, Steve is Associate Professor and Chair of Supply Chain and Operations Management at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, where he is on the faculty of Environmental Studies and serves as director of the Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Processes and Environmental Research. His focus continues to be working with business professionals and students on the impact that business has on the natural environment; specifically how they must be part of the solution to the many seemingly overwhelming issues such as energy, fuel, water, climate, and species degradation.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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