Holy Crap, I'm a Dad!
Holy Crap, I'm a Dad!
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This book is written by a dad for other dads. It is designed to inform and offer advice to the new father, from the time your wife or girlfriend tells you that they are pregnant until your child reaches the age of 5.

“Holy Crap I’m a Dad”, offers advice about the changes a new father may expect from his wife during pregnancy, and how to prepare your home with all the necessary furnishings and equipment for your new arrival. It also provides information about lifestyle changes, problems you will encounter on a daily basis and helpful suggestions on how to deal with them. It is filled with funny stories about the mistakes I made and includes solutions as well. The book covers some of the problems you will encounter as a new dad.

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Fredrick Smysniuk was born on July 10th 1966. He grew up and attended school in the small town of Wadena in Saskatchewan, Canada. At age of 18 he enlisted in the Canadian Navy and was sent to CFB Cornwallis Nova Scotia for basic training. After successfully completing training, he was sent to CFB Esquimalt in British Columbia for course training as a NCIOP (Naval Combat Information operator). He was then sent back to Nova Scotia and joined his first Unit, the frigate HMCS (Her Majesty Canadian Ship) Assiniboine in April of 1986. Since that time he has sailed in several different warships which took him on deployments throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East including the Persian Gulf. He received several honors and awards in recognition of his contribution to his country. These include the CD (Canadian forces Decoration) for military service, Persian Gulf Metal for service during Operation Friction, Canada’s Contribution during the Persian Gulf War of 1990-1991, as well as receiving a medal from the Country of Kuwait for his efforts in their liberation. Among his awards are a Peace Keeping medal and Former Yugoslavia medal, for his work during that country’s Civil War in 1995-1996, the Special Service Medal, and the NATO Article Five Medal for operations around Africa and in the Mediterranean in 2007. Today Fred continues to serve in the Canadian Navy.

At the age of thirty he met his wife Sara and two years later they were married in September of 1999. Three years following their marriage they welcomed the birth of their first child Russell. Three years later, they welcomed into the world their twins Mikayla, and Jarid. After the birth of their twins, Fred and Sara moved from Halifax Nova Scotia to the town of Windsor, Nova Scotia where they continue to live today.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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