Making The Book Pay!
Making The Book Pay!
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For the years since off-course betting was legalized, the bookmaking industry has enjoyed a fruitful existence mainly on the goodwill of its hard-pressed workforce. There was an abundance of people willing to part with their pre-decimal and post decimal currency as they packed the shops! It is only in recent years that patronage has declined and it is the purpose of this work to examine the reasons for this decline. It must be stressed that this is a personal work!

The relationship between the bookmaker and his (her) workforce can be described as Tolerant at best, antagonistic at worst! Too often, little or no consideration has been shown by the bookmaker toward his (her) staff, when deciding on changes in working conditions. Indeed there has been scant representation for the welfare of the workforce.

This is an attempt to redress this obvious imbalance or at least point it out!

The author has gone to great pains to add a touch of humour to what is essentially a serious subject and has avoided succumbing to the scourge of political correctness- possibly to the delight of the many and the chagrin of the few!

So all-in-all it is hoped that the reader will thoroughly enjoy the essay in the spirit in which it is written and not put it down as it is mercifully short!

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Born November 9th 1941 in Calcutta, India of British ancestry and moved to Dacca, East Pakistan now Bangladesh. Did his Matriculation in St. Gregory's High School, Dacca and moved to England in 1955.

He lived in North London and went to St. Thomas More Secondary Modern School in Tottenham, London. In 1958 he took an apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering for a domestic appliance firm in Edmonton. After getting his Ordinary National Certificate he joined several companies in the engineering discipline and then has a short spell in selling life assurance before entering the world of bookmaking! When he retired in 2003, he has been in the business for over 25 years!

No one was more relieved than him!



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