Ge'ez Activity Book
Ge'ez Activity Book
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This book is intended to be an activity book for children ages 5 years and above to learn the Ge’ez alphabets and to practice writing the Fidel alphabets. Ge’ez is an Afro-Asiatic language that was developed in the highlands of Eritrea and Ethiopia as the language of the peasantry. This language remains the main language in the liturgy of the Orthodox Tewahdo Church. Today, the Ge’ez Fidel is used as the writing system for key languages in Eritrea and Ethiopia and therefore this book may be helpful to all who plan to visit the region.

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The author has a long-standing interest in teaching Tigrigna, an Eritrean language, to children who were either born or raised outside of Eritrea. The inspiration for the book comes from trying to teach Tigrigna to her own children and from the realization that there is a shortage of books for Eritrean children in general. There is also a lack of books designed to help children to read and write using the Ge’ez alphabet and writing system (Fidel). It is the wish of the author that this effort will encourage Eritreans of all ages to pursue their knowledge of this ancient but versatile language.



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Saddle Stitch Softcover
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