Follow The Cowherd Boy
Follow The Cowherd Boy
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Mira, a princess of war-torn Merta, has been in love with Krishna since she was five years old. When her father arranges her marriage to Bhoj, the prince of the neighboring kingdom Merwar, she is devastated. She ultimately agrees to the marriage in order to save her people from invading Moghuls. The alliance between their kingdoms brings peace to the land but is fragile. Her marriage brings surprises not only to Mira but to Bhoj also. Then when Mira meets a wandering holy man by the name of Ravi Das, things get complicated. Ravi steers Mira through a spiritual journey that poets have sung about for centuries.

Unfortunately, Bhoj's corrupt cousin Vikram is not interested in peace. For him, Bhoj and his wife are pawns in his plan to usurp the throne of Merwar. He is a master of manipulation and Mira realizes what is happening too late.

Unbeknownst to all, there are even greater forces at work.

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Writing and Motivation Talk for ages 16 and older.
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J A Joshi will be exhibiting at Southwest Florida Reading Festival
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J.A. Joshi was born and raised in North London, England, the youngest of five children. Her parents fascinated her with stories about Krishna and India since she was a baby. Her fascination grew as she did. She always had passion for reading and writing which was lucky as she loved to read her own writing. By the time she was fourteen, it was a foregone conclusion that she would be a writer in a family of scientists and she completed an English Literature degree as a result. She began writing Follow the Cowherd Boy during her final year at university, completing it in 2004 when she was 22 years old.



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