Building Wealth for Teens
Building Wealth for Teens
Answers to Questions Teens Care About
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Building Wealth for Teens: Answers to Questions Teens Care About is a project that surfaced out of a recognition that young people are more likely to read a book about money, investments, wealth building and personal finance if they played an important role in constructing it. Two classrooms of teens were asked to write down their top questions on these topics. Certified Financial Planner Murdoch Matheson used these 'top of mind' teen questions as the titles for each of his short, non-technical and highly readable chapters. While courses are available in schools on business and economics, there are precious few that address issues relating to personal finance, particularly from the perspective of young people.

Today's youth are bombarded with information overload in this technology driven world, which is why Matheson was seeking to capture the essence of teen supplied topics in a few short pages. Written in a conversational, easy to read manner, Building Wealth for Teens endeavours to inspire teens to lay the foundation for a secure and bright future so that they may focus on the things in their lives that really matter.

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Murdoch Matheson is a Certified Financial Planner with one of Canada's largest independent financial planning and investment advisory firms. He lives with his wife, Mary Jane and two sons, Brock and Ian in Stittsville, Ontario. His first book, Make Money, Not Mistakes — 30 Winning Ways to Secure Your Financial Future addressed important client questions on building financial security. Murdoch was motivated to write this book for young people, addressing questions offered by teens, as a catalyst for dialogue and action toward a more comfortable and secure future.


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