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The Universal Economy is a concept formulated to guarantee the end of national and international deprivation and poverty. Delivering social justice for all, without the bias of ideological dogmatism, in a thriving, deregulated, free market economy.

A concept that encompasses and combines all the worthy but disparate jigsaw parts created by others and adds to them the "cement" to create a universally acceptable reality.

A concept that resolves the controversy of taxation, the burden, and who pays. A concept that self-perpetuates the "basic economy", that is immune from the booms and busts of world market manipulations. To ensure the world is prepared for the challenges and catastrophes to come, for community, future generations, and environment.

The "Universal" concept does not stop there. Abolition of poverty is just the beginning. Read on, you will discover how, painlessly, to solve the problem of taxation, the burden and who pays; how we can enjoy all the education and health care we need; all the social and physical infrastructures we need; how we can enjoy egalitarian workplaces; how we can stabilise our "basic" domestic economies, our interest rates, our foreign exchange rates, our imports and exports all whilst maintaining our Sovereign Independence.

Only blind biased self-interested ideology can stand in the way. The bottom line is that the Universal Economy Concept negates the need for all such biased, restrictive self-interest. Literally, an invitation allowing everyone to "give" democratic approval and consent without any personal "wealth" cost what so ever.

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Having origins starting at Finsbury Park, London, in 1934, living in a very socially deprived environment, learning early what poverty meant. Witnessing my parents struggle to feed and equip a family of eight "living on the edge". Experiencing first hand how war mixed with poverty will disrupt family life and cohesion; the interruption of an already "poor" education; witnessing a flying bomb (doodlebug) fall and explode; air raids, shelters, evacuations; ration books.

All of this awakened acute concern centered in poverty, not just ours, first the neighborhood then the world at large. Beginning to see and understand the duplicity of politics and some politicians. Democracy made no sense; marking a piece of paper periodically had no effect and was worthless.

Then came conscription expanded to three years regular army service, basic and cadre training, posting to B.A.O.R. (Germany) to complete the term. Assisted passage to New Zealand then, much later to Australia.

Continuing to study and observe local and international matters political and economic. Four years were spent overseas living with and employing very poor people in third world circumstances.

Compiled a huge diagrammatic network of every worldly, social and economic\economy, cause and effect, grounded in every corner of our ideological even spiritual, daily lives. From third world right through to that great bastion of free enterprise the United States of America.

The only possible conclusion to be elucidated from this "networking" is that demonstrated in the writing of "The Universal Economy". A universal answer to a universal problem.



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