Perspectives on African Communalism
Perspectives on African Communalism
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Philosophy Valedictory Series is dedicated to honouring African Philosophers who have contributed significantly in the promotion of African Philosophy. It is therefore constituted as a hall of fame in which committed African Philosophers assemble to dialogue on the relations of African Philosophy and African existence in honour of one of their own who has merited the honour. While communalism is the guiding spirit of the series, dialogics is the principal method of interaction in the forum.

In each of the well-stewed contributions contained in this work, concerted efforts were made to capture and reflect philosophy appropriately in its jacket, in its proper wear. Every contributor of the material and spiritual contents of this monumental volume is a scholar in his or her own right. Every one of them is capable of casting all faith in doubt, of relativizing all morality, of destroying every single contentment by their radical criticisms. They are able to question the foundations of social order, able to uphold or refute them.

This work is a collection of strong critical philosophical expressions of individual scholars drawn together by their common commitment to the African quest... Nze.

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The editor, Dr. Ike Odimegwu, is a Senior Lecturer in the Philosophy Department of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria. His research interests cover metaphysical anthropology, African Philosophy and the fundational principles of human social existence.



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