The Extraordinary Sayings of Ordinary People
The Extraordinary Sayings of Ordinary People
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This book is a compilation of sayings. Not old and revered sayings from historical characters, but rather ordinary people from all walks of life and nationalities. Its contents are the result of a self-conceived project, in which people were approached by the author during a twelve year period and were asked to create, by using their mental acumen and lifetime experience, an entirely new saying of their own.

The premise upon which the project was based was the following: Must a saying attain immortality only because it was uttered by a famous character? Isn't the ordinary human being capable of formulating truly quotable thoughts if sufficiently and properly motivated?

Utilizing as base of operations his home-city of Victoria, Canada the author began approaching totally unknown individuals from the world over and proposed the idea to them. People from different nationalities, occupations and age groups were asked to participate in the project in a voluntary way by submitting a thought, an insight, a perceived truth, which would have sufficient intellectual weight to be considered as a quotable saying that could help to enrich world culture.

The only condition being, their contribution had to be totally new and orginal.

During the duration of the project, the author received nearly a thousand replies, two hundred of which were chosen to appear in this book. Those chosen were selected by their ingenuity and overall appeal.

Concurrently, the author invested a considerable amount of effort trying to verify that the sayings received were not a case of plagiarism and were truly authentic.

The results speak for themselves and the author leaves on the hands of the readers the final word regarding the entertaining value of the book.

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James Labrador was born in Mexico City on the 29th of February, 1956. After attending a catholic school for his elementary education, he spent the next six years in american schools both in the U.S. and Mexico in order to further his knowledge of the English Language.

He received university degrees in the fields of Agronomy and Horticulture. After graduating, he spent a year at an Amish community in rural Iowa, an experience which was to profoundly help shape his outlook on life. In 1990 he emigrated to Canada, where he has resided since.

Among his favourite pastimes, writing poetry and cultivating plants are at the top of the list; time permitting, observing people comes a close second.

His predilect books are Don Quixote and the works of Shakespeare. His most important goal, to the degree that it's attainable: Self knowledge.

Things particularly thanksful for: 1. An undiminished sense of wonderment and desire for adventure, something which manifested itself quite strongly since childhood. 2. The opportunity to be alive at this juncture of History.

His greatest wish: One instant of universal consciousness.



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