I Call My New Lung Tina
I Call My New Lung Tina
Inspiration from a Transplant Survivor
Perfect Bound Softcover
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No one ever wants to hear that they have a disease, especially one as fatal as severe pulmonary hypertension. This book takes readers through Shirley Jewett's experience, providing insight into the ways patients can take responsibility for their health and medical treatments. It is far more than a feel good book about one woman's journey to the other side of a death sentence. It is an instructional manual of survival.

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Shirley Jewett can't stop talking about her lung transplant. That's pretty good for a woman who could barely catch her breath before her life-saving operation. This unstoppable lady has become the poster person for organ transplants. She brings the message of inspiration, healing and hope to people with life-threatening illness and their families. She dedicates her time to spreading the word about the importance of being an organ donor.

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Perfect Bound Softcover
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