A Fork in the Road
A Fork in the Road
My Story of Suicide and Survival
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A Fork in the Road is the biographical sketch about the death of a young man and the survival of his mother. Why does a person take his own life? What are the common causes that motivate one to terminate the very essence of living? What are the repercussions?

How far reaching is the influence of this single act in a moment of time? How do the family and friends and lovers survive the unthinkable? How do we keep from following his footsteps into the darkness?

This story takes the reader through glimpses of a young man's life, sometimes humorous, sometimes not. It reviews the most common causes of suicide and the horrific statistics about surviving the suicide of your child. Through the grief of family and friends, through the dark depression this type of tragedy often causes, there is A Fork in the Road. To the left one can follow in his footsteps into the deep troughs of depression and death; or to the right one can find help, a new life, and begin again.

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Donna Simmons is a survivor of suicide, a writer, and a retired accountant. She occasionally co-leads a grief and loss group and is an active participant in The Gift of Keith Cyber Friends, an internet support group for survivors.

While her children were young she spent seven years as an elementary school librarian where she fell in love with the written word. Donna also published a selection of poetry and short stories in an anthology produced by her writers group. (Mainely Driftwood. TRAFFORD PUBLISHING. 2004)

Donna and her husband live in the Massabesic forest on the edge of the rural community of Alfred, Maine.>



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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