Space Travel, Missile Defence
Space Travel, Missile Defence
A New Technology
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The universe in the mind of science is the visible universe that means all mass and any interaction between mass and energy or light or any of the senses: that is the material universe. The largest part of the universe does not come into this category: 'Space'. Science declares space as void; void means no substance. There can never be any interaction between void and material: as a consequence it will forever remain impossible for science to prove the existence of void: we can never prove space as void.

This book proclaims space as a material substance: a fluid substance, which makes it subject to all of the known laws of fluid mechanics.

This assumption then allows us to discover many of what otherwise are mysteries of science. We discover the nature of 'pure energy'; the make up structure of mass and forces of all kinds.

We can then bring together knowledge that allows the development of science which gives us a new propulsion system, and a very simple missile defence system.

This requires a revolution in the thinking of scientists, without it interstella space travel is virtually impossible.

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The author began his working life as an electrician involved in the building of many defence establishments during the Second World War in various parts of Australia. He was always determined to go to Alice Springs and become a farmer, so as soon as the war was over he set out to begin a new life in Central Australia. He found and acquired the parcel of virgin land of his dreams and his wife, Marion. Over the next 25 years using the only capital they possessed, which was determination, persistance and tenacity of purpose, succeeded in creating a thriving dairy farm, reared a family of ten children, and built a unique homestead which still stands today in the beautiful setting knows as White Gums.

In the beginning of the space race, Jim became conscious of the fact that rocket propulsion was not the solution to the conquest of space. He devoted the next 40 years in scientific research, which meant the detailed study of 'fluid mechanics' and related subject. His purpose; to find a new propulsion system: which would allow mankind to explore the distant universe.

This book gives conclusions to this 40 years of research and show how - to the youth of today, that they can fulfill that dream of mankind, to occupy and to travel into the distant space.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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