What Middle-Aged Men Want From Women
What Middle-Aged Men Want From Women
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Taken from a survey of midle-aged men in America, interviews, and research, What Middle-Aged Men Want From Women is a light, but insightful and direct look at current middle-aged male/female relationships.

From the more serious topics of:

  • Why men don't make commitments
  • How to communicate with a man so he understands
  • Why middle-aged men have affairs

To lighter questions of:

  • Which perfumes to men prefer?
  • Why don't men ask for directions?
  • What's the sexiest thing a woman could wear?

This book is loaded with ideas to enhance your relationship with a man. Other chapters include:

  • The best and worst things you could say to a man
  • How to compete with the younger woman — and win
  • The best computer dating profile to use to find "Mr. Right"
  • Why he always thinks about sex
  • Why nagging doesn't work
  • Why men need respect and time alone
  • The hair colour men prefer
  • What men like and dislike about women today.

Find out what men think about feminism and its effect on their relationships with women. Can you change a man? Why men hate shopping, coupons, and self-service. Why he can't love you if you are too successful in your job. And finally, what do today's middle-aged men in America want to tell women?

What Middle-Aged Men Want From Women is for any woman who wants to better understand men and have a man who will love her more deeply than she ever imagined.

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C. Bruce Wells is a journalist from the Rochester, New York area with a loyal following of readers who enjoy his direct and humorous style of writing. Mr. Wells simply tells it as it is which is refreshing in today's politically correct environment. People are looking to be informed and entertained and that is what his book does. After over 400 published human interest articles, this is his first foray into book writing. He is a former German teacher, corporation president, police sharpshooter, and executive protection specialist. C. Bruce's unique background, coupled with extensive research and interviews, make for interesting and entertaining reading.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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