By His Word
By His Word
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Anyone with an open mind that wants to learn how physical things can come from a state of nothingness must read this book. In nothingness, similar to man's imagination, absolute truth must first exist or that nothingness will remain. There are Seven Absolute Essential Truths that must first exist in that state of nothingness before any beginning of a physical reality can take place.

Those Seven are exclusively and clearly explained for the reader to gain better understanding how God created all things with the ability and power to do so and give life.

This is a distinctive book containing scientific truths with Biblical descriptions, verse by verse, of how God created the heavens, earth and Mankind - from Adam and Eve being created triune spiritual beings (image of their Creator) living in a physical body, to the New Heaven and Earth.

Many unique insights revealed exclusively in this book will strengthen the faith of the reader or lead to a belief in Christ. It's well laid out in an easy-to-read-and-understand format of how the eternal living Creator, who engulfs absolute truth, created and made all things 'By His Word'.

It explains the importance of absolute truth when creating or making any thing of substance and purpose in a physical reality; either by God or Man it must begin with truth or it cannot be made; like the 24 hour first day in Genesis there is a detailed description of it, also how and when the 7-day-week originated, along with the significance of that time element.

Some exclusive insights to God's mysteries are: Adam's age the day he was created; how long Adam and Eve lived before falling to sin and the day it occurred; a unique relationship of Eve and Noah's Ark with Christ's crucifixion in Passover (Easter) week.

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After serving in the U.S. Army for 2 years during the Korean War I entered Penn State University and received an Associate degree in Electrical and Mechanical Design Technology.

Later, I took a position with Westinghouse Electric Corp. in the Advanced Development Department of their Semi-conductor Division. Later on I transferred to Westinghouse Research and Development Center east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I worked in various research programs analyzing problems and failures of Westinghouse products using Electron Microscopy for high resolution micro-graphs and pinpoint surveillance of trouble spots with energy dispersive x-ray analysis to improve the product for its intended purpose.

I also performed outside work, analyses for places like Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, Pa. that varied from analyzing minerals found on earth of what elements they might contain, examining meteorites, dinosaur fossil teeth, to fossilized rodents et al.

During my career in research, I found evidence for creation quite often but never any for evolution. This is a wonderful time to be a creationist because of the evidence of 'Intelligent Design' and for a worldwide flood to have taken place just as Noah and his family witnessed and recorded it in the Bible account for all to know.

With evolution, the universe and all life had originated and is composed 'by the word of man,' using human assumptions, ideas, guesses, theories, to make men as gods. Sound familiar? It is! Read Genesis 3:5 what Satan told Eve. So from truth all things came to be "By His Word," not man, but man does function similarly.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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