How to Survive in the Jungle of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
How to Survive in the Jungle of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
Creating or Choosing an Enterprise Architecture Framework
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Several times in my Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice, people asked me which framework shall I adopt or what are the benefits of the Zachman framework over TOGAF, etc. Others asked me to help them to define their own corporate EA framework. Before answering these types of questions, it is important to know what the differences and commonalities are of these frameworks and standards.

This book explains the role of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and shows the differences between the most popular Enterprise Architecture Frameworks now a day available in the world.

With the growing importance of Enterprise Architecture [EA]; at the same time, the discussion started how to create or choose the right Enterprise Architecture Framework & Tools for your organisation in the jungle of the existing ones.

Giving an overview of the history of most Enterprise Architecture frameworks as well as their purpose, scope, principles, structure, guidance and compliance, will support you in identifying the usefulness of these Enterprise Architecture frameworks for your own situation. For the in-depth details of the described Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, references to the original sources of information are added in the chapter References & Bibliography.

Separate chapters are addressing the most popular Enterprise Architecture tools on the market and their support of existing frameworks.

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Jaap Schekkerman (1953) received an engineer's degree in electronic engineering and information technology and a degree in clinical chemistry and business economics.

From 1973 till 1974, he was working as a scientist at the Free University Amsterdam. From 1974 till 1985, he was Chief Information Officer at the Red Cross Hospital Beverwijk, the Netherlands.

In 1982, Schekkerman was awarded with the American Ames Award for his international awarded article about the developments in medical information technology and the influence on human beings.

From 1985 till 1995, he was Manager of a Research & Development department and Manager of a Technology Consulting Group at RAET N.V.

The focus of his R&D activities was at Information Systems Architecture and multi-user/multi-tasking programming. In 1995, Schekkerman joined Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and became the Thought Leader in the areas of Business Technology Strategy & Enterprise Architecture.

In 2001, Schekkerman founded the Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments to do research and knowledge exchange around Enterprise Architecture.

This institute is today one of the most important EA sources of information in the world.

Schekkerman is giving lectures on the topics of Information Management & Enterprise Architecture at several Universities and training institutes.

Schekkerman has published several methods, articles and books on topics related to Enterprise Architecture and he is a frequently invited speaker on national and international congresses and symposia.



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