The Tattoo Colouring Book
The Tattoo Colouring Book
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Fifty-two unique line art tattoo designs created by a professional tattooist. While inspired by traditional North American and Japanese tattoos, each drawing is interpreted with a modern sensibility. The designs are boldly outlined and ready for colouring or stencilling.

A high quality, first-rate sourcebook for tattooists, collectors, kids, artists, and anyone interested in tattoo art and culture.

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Kirk works as a tattooist at Fleshworks Custom Tattoos, where he spends his days applying his art to skin, canvas and paper. He has been tattooing for five years, painting for two and a half, and drawing since he could hold a pencil. He also enjoys skateboarding, music and well-written books.

Cara works as creative director of BatBaby Design, where she specializes in designing books and book jackets, posters, and websites. She is also an avid knitter, papercrafter and tattoo collector, and is in the process of creating Acacia Handmade Wearables, a website selling her one-of-a-kind handbags, jewellery, knitted clothing and accessories.

Kirk and Cara live in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia with their three cats, Chaos, Jerry and Monkey.



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