Children's Stories
Children's Stories
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Children's Stories by Grandpa Dave is a book with 9 short stories for children. Ben and Bob - The story of a small boys first outing after a long winter and his first injury. Gentle Giant - Heather's encounter with a man so large she thought he was a giant. The Animals Friend - A boy's love and compassion for animals is overwhelming. See what he does with this special gift. The Bully - A young boy who lives and breaths hockey and want to quit out of fear of another player. Grandpa and Me - Birthdays were always special to Jacob but Grandpa's seventieth was even more special. The gift also had to be special. Guardian Angel - Afraid of the dark a small girl was helped through this difficult period by words of encouragement and comfort by her father. Home For The Summer - A move from the big city to a distant small town leaves Bradley alone without friends. Find out how he copes. Lost and Found - Finding an animal in trouble, Emma decides to take it upon herself to remedy the situation. Smoke And Fire - Watching a fire truck race down the street to a fire is exciting to young boys. That is until it strikes home.
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Grandpa Dave Weidner was born and raised in the state of Wisconsin. He lived all his life in the city of Kenosha. Being on the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan fishing, swimming, and boating were always important. Married to his high school sweetheart they became the parents of two boys and two girls. As to becoming an author, it wasn't until he retired and read stories to his grandchildren that this came about. When the grandchildren began asking him to tell stories instead of reading them they had to be put in writing. After compiling many stories it was decided to put them into a book, thus, Children's Stories by Grandpa Dave evolved.


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Perfect Bound Softcover
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