Your Mama Was Wrong
Your Mama Was Wrong
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The basic premise of this book is that most, if not all, of what we have been taught to believe is true, is not true or only half true. We blindly assume that what our mothers taught us about lying, paternity, religion, incest, nudity, pornography, and other subjects was right. This book states that a closer look at what was taught will reveal that "Your Mama Was Wrong". It says that lying is not always wrong. Sometimes it can be dangerous to tell the truth. When the slaves were being hhid by the "underground railroad", people lied in order to protect them. This book points out the fact that there are males, females and people who are neither male nor female. It also says that all religions are basically hearsay because they are founded upon what someone "said" was "said". All the sacred books were written by someone - usually male, who lived hundreds or thousands of years ago.

The chapter on paternity shows how DNA testing can prove that "Your Mama Was Wrong" about who she said your father was. This chapter will prove to be very disturbing to many.

There never has been a book written that challenges so many of society's views of right and wrong, true and false, fact and fiction.

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Dennis O. Evans is a 1969 graduate of Loma Linda University in Riverside, California. After 25 years of teaching Music and English in Bakersfield, California, he retired at the age of 55 in 1994. He taught in both public and private school.

He worked as a minister of music in both Protestant and Jewish faiths. This has given him a wide view of many values and traditions.

In college he studied science, theology, and music. As a result, he has a broad knowledge of many subjects.

In addition to his work as a teacher, he has worked as a community organizer, casino security guard, and a counselor for juvenile hall.

He has two grown children from his first marriage of 22 years. He has been married to his present wife, Mary, since 1990. They love walking, swimming, and traveling. They have visited 44 states.

He believes that everything, including science, should be open to questioning. Nothing stays absolutley the same under all circumstances. Time and place affects everything.



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