Royal Cosmetic in Natural Medicine
Royal Cosmetic in Natural Medicine
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is truly ground breaking in natural cosmetic medicine. It totals fifty-four chapters tailored to every part of your cosmetic needs.

Our mission in this book is

  1. To provide natural options to our cosmetic patient
  2. To rehabilitate and fine-tune our post surgical patients
  3. To complement our cosmetic patients in beautiful spirituality

Our book features

  1. Natural Derma Abrasion
  2. Non-surgical Breast Augmentation
  3. Natural Height Enhancement
  4. Anti-aging, Youth Preservation
  5. Non-surgical Liposuction
  6. Natural Cellulite Removal
  7. Natural skin rejuvenation
  8. Internal Organ Rejuvenation
  9. Natural Eye/Eyelid Enhancement
  10. Natural Hair Enhancement
  11. Natural Energy Refreshment
  12. Spiritual Enlightening

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Edwin Y. Zong M.B., D.O., D.O.M

Dr. Zong has earned his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and his Post Doctorate training in medicine and surgery at various hospitals in Shanghai, New York, and Florida. His practical experience is extensive in both medicine and cosmetics. His dedication to human health has grown out of treating disease. Instead, he treats people. The author believes in prevention and acknowledges mind and body connection. He honours individual's need to be desireable, beautiful and happy. He believes in prevention and he acknowledges mind and body connection. He believes everyone can be beautiful and he believes that beauty is God's gift for all. He realizes that sweet, loving and beautiful feeling carries enormous health benefits to our body, mind and our soul. The health benefits include but not limited to protect our heart and blood vessels, to strengthen our immune system and to protect us from cancer, infection, and autoimmune disorders. He believes the beautiful feeling is coming from within and it is a learned spiritual experience. Dr. Zong believes one's appearance can be enhanced by natural medicine versus re-constuctive surgery or chemical treatment. As a physician of many generations of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and educated in American Medicine, Dr. Zong feels it is his ultimate calling to share his cultures, his experience, and his knowledge with you as a reader and help people who want to be beautiful and youthful.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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