Running in the Zone
Running in the Zone
A Handbook for Seasoned Athletes
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Twenty-six runners ranging in age from 46 to 76 share their secrets, motivations and experiences in the fields of running. All are active runners and many presently hold world age-class records. Some have held world records and have achieved world level performances at the Olympics, Commonwealth and European games. But, Running in the Zone isn’t about super achievement, it is about getting the most out the running experience regardless of age or even ability.

This book is for anyone interested in running and running-related sports, whether they are elite age-class runners wanting to keep up performances or newcomers, considering taking up running in their middle or even advanced years. Many of the contributors didn’t start running until they were over 40 and some didn’t achieve their best personal performances until they were in their 50’s. You will meet men and women who have a life-long interest in running as well as those who took it up as personal challenges. All are inspiring in one way or another and have something valuable to teach, not necessarily about running, per se, but rather personal satisfaction, giving back through voluntarism and commitment to a goal or purpose.

The book was the idea of editors, Steve King and Dan Cumming, and has come together through Steve’s contacts in the world of running and Dan’s love of running and editorial ability to pull the best out of a story. Both Steve and Dan have a long-term relationship with the sport. They both perceived that a growing number of older runners are involved in the running and that Running in the Zone would answer many of the needs of this group of active men and women, helping them to get the best out of one of the most fundamental of athletic endeavors.

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Steve King is an avid runner, race-walker and triathlete who holds national age group running records, has raced at Ironman and Ultraman triathlon distances and has been a member of Canada's national 100km team as well as being a British Centurion (having race-walked 100 miles within 24 hours). In 2001 he became only the second Canadian to complete the arduous 135 miles Badwater-Death Valley Run. He was the publisher of Tri-Fit Quarterly, a national triathlon magazine, author of Rapid Recovery (Trafford Publishing) a book on energy healing techniques, and a triathlon training log, as well as having been CBC's colour commentator for the sport of triathlon. Steve is also the race announcer for numerous sports events, including Ironman Canada. His work history includes stockbroking, private investigation, well-drilling, child care, hospitality management and being a Justice of the Peace. He is a registered clinical counsellor and, since 1989, has been an outpatient addictions counsellor at Pathways Addictions Resource Centre. He has an avid interest in healthy balance and wholism and lives with his wife Jean in the City of Penticton in beautiful British Columbia. You can visit Steve's website at

Dan Cumming, like others, at around 40 realized it was time to make some changes, especially regarding the amount of exercise he was getting. British Columbia, was looking forward to Expo Õ86 and an ambitious group in the Okanagan Valley created the ÒOkanagan Express RelayÓ as a special event which would see 26 runners go nearly 450km from the East Gates of the Expo site to a park in the middle of Summerland. That was how it all started and 20 years later, heÕs still going.

Born (1945), raised and (mostly) educated in Vancouver, DanÕs career gave him many opportunities to travel and live abroad. He never passed opportunities to run (at least 17 countries, including nearly two years in the tropical climate of Malaysia). Having earned a PhD in Food Sciences in 1974 from the University of BC, Dan has lived and worked throughout Canada, in Europe and Southeast Asia. His career includes being a research scientist, inventor, research manager, diplomat and business manager.

Dan's running is far less goal-oriented than in younger days and he is someone who now runs for the pure enjoyment of it rather than the thrill of winning. At this stage Dan is enjoying two of his favourite things, running and writing.

Dan is co-editor with his wife Judi for Points of Light: Life Defining Moments (Trafford Publishing), a work of love that came from Judi's fertile imagination and eventually involved 34 contributors who shared personal stories about powerful, life-altering experiences. One of the contributions is by Dan. It is about running.



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