A Comical Look at the True Hockey Mom
A Comical Look at the True Hockey Mom
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The True Hockey Mom is a very humorous, very entertaining comical look at the hockey mom. It is based on a new cartoon "You know you are a true hockey mom when..." The book is full of cartoons, life lessons and practical advice for a hockey mom from the perspective of a hockey mom. This purely entertaining book has something for every hockey mom and hockey fan to laugh at. The comical antics of the cartoon hockey mom pokes fun at the everyday life of a true hockey mom. It is very enjoyable to read leaving a hockey mom to think twice as the enters the arena. This book is the perfect gift for any hockey mom or fan!

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My passion for hockey and the importance of keeping this great sport fun was what made me such a great hockey mom. I am a wife and mother of three sons that kept my husband and I on our toes with the multitude of organized sports they played. As a preference, nothing compared to the excitement and thrill of competition like hockey. The True Hockey Mom is part of my soul, I put her into a cartoon to share her with everyone. I truly believe that hockey is the greatest game that you can be part of, even if you never play it. Being a hockey mom gives you this opportunity.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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