Children of the Light
Children of the Light
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Children of the Light tells the story of a family's discovery of their spiritual destiny to bring healing energy to a desperate world. Every day their experiences are life-altering! While one child entertains guests from the 'other side,' the other travels through swirling time portals that go back in time - even to the dinosaurs! Angels appear with crowns and blazing swords, and in one instance as a musical ensemble. Miraculous healings occur on a regular basis, and coded messages are sent daily to alter their spiritual DNA.

This book will appeal across a wide spectrum of the 'spiritually curious.' Many thousands experience déjà vu, synchronicity, or an unexplainable spiritual yearning, but most are uncertain how to respond. And millions more are disillusioned and fed up with the contradictions, hypocrisy and scandal of organized religion. Children of the Light will provide them with a desirable outlet to fulfill their spiritual needs. Perhaps most amazing of all, is the phenomenon of the Indigo children, who some believe represent 90% of all children under 12 years of age. These children and their parents will experience considerable life change after reading this book

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Bryan is a light worker and publishes the Circle of Lights newsletter. He is also a director-level administrator for a large multidivisional organization in Los Angeles, CA. He has co-authored a book on career strategy for a major business magazine BusinessWeek, and published dozens of articles in various publications.

Kevin is a ten-year-old attending school in Los Angeles, CA. He's a light worker and travels frequently to other dimensions. He's currently preparing a book on illustrations of his many spiritual visions and messages he's received from the 'other side'. For entertainment, he enjoys designing and building elaborate gadgets with whatever nuts, bolts and materials he can find. He's also an excellent artist and swimmer.

Katherine is an eight-year-old light worker and also attends school in Los Angeles, CA. She communicates with departed souls from the 'other side', and has had numerous conversations wit her angels and Jesus. She enjoys singing and dancing, and is an excellent artist and swimmer.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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