Tupac and Elvis (Inevitably Restless)
Tupac and Elvis (Inevitably Restless)
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McClairne has done it again! The same author that brought America "Wake Up America (Attack on America)" has surprised us all again with his genius. Tupac and Elvis (Inevitably Restless) is a new hot book for the new millennium. This book of commemoration surpasses all the biographies that are on shelves and the biographies that have been on shelves in the past. It has gotten great recognition, reviews, and great acclaims. No other book compares and no other book captures the essences of two phenomenon artists the way this book does. This is not your regular or ordinary biography. No, this book is quite diverse from others and is full of controversy.

In the book, McClairne links the deaths of Tupac Amaru Shakur and Elvis Aaron Presley in a way that's astounding and a way that many wouldn't have ever thought of. He also links their unlinked lives. McClairne depicts and paints a picture of Tupac that's quite contrary to what the much older "White America" saw him as and depicts Elvis as the true "King" that he is and was, which is very opposite to what many of "Black America" thinks and feels.

The "Seven Day Theory" and other theories that plagues Tupac's death are discussed and the author explains why Tupac's death wasn't a fraudulent death. Artists, such as Michael Jackson, Jackie Wilson, Madonna, the Jackson 5, Jada Pinkett, Britney Spears, Usher Raymond, N'Sync, James Brown, and Ja Rule, are also mentioned in regards to Tupac and Elvis, so sit back and enjoy.

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An entrepreneur and screenplay writer, Denard McClairne has opened the eyes and minds of the American people significantly by his authenticity beyond words. Mr. McClairne was born to Carolyn Skinner on June 29, 1982 in Helena Arkansas. He has four siblings, including his alluring and ambitious twin sister, Denetra McClairne. As a writer, McClairne is a huge fanatic of writers such as Christopher Anderson, Authur Miller, Maya Angelo, and Gloria Copeland. As an entrepreneur, he's a fan of Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Master P. As a dancer, Denard is a great fan of musical prodigy, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Usher Raymond, Genuine, Fred Astaire, and Gene Kelly. McClairne abides in Houston Texas as a single bachelor where he is working diligently on new projects.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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