English-Mienh and Mienh-English Dictionary
English-Mienh and Mienh-English Dictionary
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This dictionary is intended to assist Yao Mien people around the world in the education field learn the English language. It is also a comprehensive and practical tool for those people who want to understand Mien languages. This first edition is an invaluable guide to reading, writing and speaking English and Mien. The concise and clear text reflects the most recent developments in both the English and Mien languages. It is an essential reference for learners of English and Mien.

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The author, whose Mien name is Koueifo Saephan, was born into a traditional the Mien family in Laos. Both of his parents have passed away and he has three brothers and one sister. His nationality is Lao, and his ethnicity group is Mien also known as Yao in China and throughout Southeast Asian countries.

Currently working as a loan officer in Visalia, CA his educational background consists of two years in Chinese, two years in Thai, four years at an English Adult School and two years of college. During his studies, he always enjoyed using English-Thai and English-Chinese dictionaries to improve his English, and is grateful for these wonderful dictionaries, but found it difficult to understand everything because both are second languages to him.

Therefore, he started thinking about writing his own dictionary in his native tongue. After surgery on his lower back in 1989 and a stomach ulcer in 1990, he was no longer able to perform heavy tasks, but determined to work on the dictionary.

The Mien language is like other languages in that it is difficult to render word-for-word from the Mien to English or from English to the Mien. However, he knew in his heart that he wanted to finish it.

"I knew I could not give up on this project, because it would be an important resource for the Mien people today and future generations around the world. I believe that all Mien brothers and sisters have been in complicated situations like I have when it is difficult to understand the meanings of words clearly using a second language dictionary," says the author.

The author thanks God for giving him the strength, knowledge and patience to write this dictionary. He would also like to thank his family for their support. Finally, he thanks all the people who put the Mien Unified Script together. This dictionary will enhance the successful completion of the Mien Unified Script.



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