The Home Child
The Home Child
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The Home Child tells the story of Henry Dewberry, a twelve-year-old orphan from London, England. Henry was one of a hundred thousand children who made that incredible ocean voyage to a so-called better place, called Canada. Blessed by a stroke of fate, Henry clumsily meets Lizzie, a local middle-class girl who lives in the town of Waterford, Ontario. Lizzie, along with her best friend Clara suddenly figure out what is taking place and both of them do everything possible to find out where Henry has been sent. This historical story is based on actual events and reflects life in South Western Ontario, Canada in 1907 -- called Canada West. A documented shameful period in Canadian history that was suppressed for years by all those that were involved in its execution. Canada and Australia, young nations trying hard and fast to grow up, engaged in an organized, lucrative child slave movement with mother England. This cruel and harsh immigrant trade continued for almost forty years, all the while being ignored by the world. The story reflects what life was like for young immigrant children, local children, and their strong will and desire to explore and be together. The unfortunate event at the end of the novel propels Henry from boyhood into an adult and changes his character forever. The Home Child is a story that embraces human tolerance, unthinkable harsh isolation, commitment, and the ultimate will to survive in this so-called better place called, Canada.Your heart will certainly be touched. Henry and Lizzie were my grandparents -Richard P. Tanos

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In the sixties, I attended Stamford High School in Niagara Falls, Canada and then in 1969 attended Niagara College in Welland, Ontario, Canada majoring in computers and accounting. My three main interests at that time were, computers, playing music, and ice hockey. In 1972, after graduating, I relocated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada and took up residence in the western part of the Island and worked for Bell Canada. A wonderful, enriching, and enjoyable bi-cultural experience to say the least.

Mid 1975, I re-located back to Niagara Falls to raise a family, which included Richard Brett and Jocelyn Marie. In 1983, I started my own software business and installed turn-key computer systems all over United States and Canada for a franchise cosmetics company. The car trips across the vast Canadian and U.S. landscapes provided countless hours of creativity, and a true love affair with the deep south, not to mention ideas for what would eventually become my stories.

In 1991, as the deep south haunted me, I relocated yet again to Palm Bay, Florida with my wife Elaine. Within the year my step-son, Tony, and my step-daughter Beth, arrived from Oklahoma. After taking stock in my life, a normal mid-life balance sort of thing, as I've been told, I decided to re-build two classic Mustangs, a 1965 Convertible, and a 1966 Fastback. I started playing my Bass again joining up with a local rock and roll band, and growing my hair, or what's left of it. Within the next few years, my step-son Tony and his wife Rachel, blessed Elaine and I with three beautiful grandchildren, Jacob, Morgan, and Brittany. My two children with my first wife, Rich and Jocelyn currently reside in Canada and I see them whenever I can. Now with the International family in place, Elaine and I are enjoying what the south demands; a laid-back relaxed life style.

My parents, Alec and Pauline still live in the Niagara Peninsula, along with my two younger brothers. I guess, It is never too late in life to start writing and yes I did have a few stories to tell, Controlled Defense and Toshomee. However, researching and writing my debut novel, The Home Child, was an experience and a journey that I will never forget. I would like to express a humble gratitude to all of you who helped in this project.

The trilogy series that I have just completed, which respectively includes, Whipper Snapper's, Turner Falls, and Palomino has been a two year long effort, which included several trips to Oklahoma, and countless hours of researching a century of facts. Following along the lines of the great John Grisham, without the lawyers, these three novels demonstrate drama, intrigue, suspense, mystery, and several surprises.

My current project, titled Pods, which is to be released by Publish America Inc., is a serious fictional account of what could happen to all of us as Americans, Canadians, and for that matter British especially if we take our surroundings for granted. Times have changed and our relationship with the Islamic world is at an all time low forcing everyone to become more aware of what once seemed like regular everyday-day activities. Pods will certainly make you stop and think about your own comfortable place in this, the pinnacle of freedom -- The United States of America.

The past three years, no doubt, has been an unbelievable journey as I continue to research and write my novels. I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.



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