Measured Success! A Diet and Exercise Strategy Based on Counting Calories
Measured Success! A Diet and Exercise Strategy Based on Counting Calories
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Measured Success! cuts through the clutter of diet and exercise information and provides an uncomplicated strategy that anyone can understand, follow and share with others. Measured Success! simplifies and clarifies the process of ''counting calories'' in both diet and exercise and introduces a unique strategy called the ''Power of 11'' that is nutritionally sound, easy to remember and effective in achieving results. Included in the book are charts to help estimate the nutritional value of most foods, predict the calories burned during exercise and charts approximate your metabolism. The author shares his success in losing over forty pounds and his continued ability to maintain his new weight fro nearly twenty years, specifically through diet and exercise.

Measured Success! looks at the cultural change in America, which the author calls the ''super-sized, self propelled'' lifestyle and relates this new phenomenon to the obesity crisis we now face. However, most importantly, the book Measured Success! proves a realistic, practical and proven solution.

The book is written in an easy-to-understand and follow manner and avoids excessive clinical or technical information. In fact, the goal of the book is to simplify diet and exercise into a strategy with which anyone can achieve long term weight loss.

The ''Power of 11'' as introduced in the book, will help readers establish a realistic target weight which is a minimum loss of 11% of the reader's current weight within six months. The ''Power of 11'', provides a daily caloric budget, which is 11 times the readers target weight. The exercise component of the ''Power of 11'' strategy is a weekly target of calories burned equal to 11 times the readers weight. Thus, the ''Power of 11'' is an uncomplicated, measurable way to establish and achieve a weight loss goal.

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Edward J Coates is a baby-boomer, born in 1950. As a student athlete, he graduated from high school in 1969 weighing a slim one hundred and sixty five pounds, at a height of five feet, ten inches. By the age of thirty-two Ed was smoking over two packs of cigarettes per day and weighed two hundred and twelve pounds. Today at the age of fifty-four, Ed weighs one hundred and sixty five pounds again and hasn't had a cigarette in over twenty years. In recent years, Ed has completed ten marathons, including running in the Boston Marathon twice.

A passion to help others realize the same self-satisfying success and the potential for long-term good health is what motivated Ed to write the book Measured Success!. Ed holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Saginaw Valley State University and has worked in many aspects of the business community his entire work life. Ed and his wife of thirty-two years reside in mid-Michigan and have two married children.



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