The New Perspective
The New Perspective
Ten Tools for Self-Transformation
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This book is a guide for thriving in a world where consciousness comes first.

New discoveries in the field of quantum physics are prompting researchers to view the physical world from a new perspective. This perspective, that all physical reality springs from consciousness, inspires a former California broadcast journalist and his wife, a psychotherapist, to reconsider their own nature. This awakening takes them down the path of Self-discovery where science and spirituality... the seen and the unseen... meet.

Ron and Denny Reynolds share ten simple spiritual principles that have been meaningful in their lives for more than four decades. they offer Ten Tools for Self-Transformation that support their journey in the laboratory of life, where consciousness is primary.

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Ron and Denny Reynolds have been married spiritual partners for more than 44 years.

Ron has been in broadcasting for 50 years. For the last 17 years he worked as an anchor at KCBS, the all news radio station in San Francisco. His work in the "real world" was counter-balanced by his desire and enthusiasm for spiritual growth. When he wasn't on the air, he was fortunate enough to be exposed to a number of wonderful spiritual teachers. The information being shared in this book is a result of what he and Denny learned from them.



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