The Yellow Castle
The Yellow Castle
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Deep within a crevice lies an evil undoing
that will lengthen the time we have to travel.
So be ever watchful of those little things that unravel
and complicate our lifespans.

A catalogue of doings that envelope our being
and keeps us from the knowing
that is needed to escape the lives that we all have
and mistakenly think is right, and as it should be.

When really deep within us lies the truth,
the way it really is,
so close it really is our only being.

So, don't be fooled by those temporary things
that keep you ever so busy.
Look beyond these temporal shores
where lies the eternal being.

That is all of us together,
which is the only way of seeing
that heaven is where we all live in
right here and now.

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The author grew up in the East End of London. His parents were publicans and growing up in that environment helped shape his entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm for life.

He was educated at the local grammar school and then went on to The London Collee of Music to study piano, guitar and music theory. He lived for music and has been heavily involved in the music business all his life, although he has had many business ventures and adventures over the years. He is currently involved with his own music management company and in the process of putting together an independent record company and residential studio complex.

Writing has always been to the forefront of his ambitions and he started at an early stage in his life writing lyrics for his music compositions. Many poems and stories followed. His love of the mystical and of the esoteric side of life prompted a lot of his writings. Through the use of meditation and thought, he has been on a continuous search throughout his life, for the true meaning of life and why we are here. This has culminated in the writing of this fantasy trilogy.

The YELLOW CASTLE is the first book to be published. The second book is called, BEWARD THE FOX SPIRIT and the third is entitled, THE DRAGON CASTLE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA.The other two books will follow shortly. Each book in the trilogy is a story in itself, but continues into one epic journey throughout the mysteries of life and death.



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Perfect Bound Softcover
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